Child Resistant

Package Testing

Information resource for the testing, classification,
and regulation of child resistant products

Specialty Products

Retail Marijuana, E-Cigarettes, Liquid Nicotine, Laundry Pods, & Button Cell Batteries

What Are the rules?

With the onset of new technology and changing lifestyles, existing products are evolving and new products are being introduced to fill the needs of consumers.  However, this product evolution also brings some ambiguity in terms of safety regulation.  While some products fall under existing regulations, due to their unique nature, they may be subject to additional regulations in the future.  This is especially true for the packaging used for retail marijuana, e-cigarettes, liquid nicotine, laundry packets/pods, and button cell batteries.

When you are ready to test packaging that is to be used for any of these products, it is important to choose a testing organization that is experienced and familiar with the laws, guidelines, and pending legislation relevant to each product.  Currently, the packaging for these products is covered by 16 CFR 1700; however, additional voluntary regulations also exist.  To ensure that all packaging meets any future regulation changes, these regulations should be met.